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Toddlers (1-2yrs)

As your infant begins to take his or her first steps, they will transition from the Infant to Toddler room. In this class your child's education will be customized to his or her developmental progress.

The Toddler Rooms focus on:

  • Self Help

  • Language Development

    • Establish New Vocabulary

    • Understand and Identify objects and ideas

  • Encouraging Natural Curiosities​​

  • Activities that Encourage Daily Structure

    • Quiet Time​​​

    • Circle Time

      • Story Time

      • Singing Songs

      • Finger Play​

    • Indoor Play

      • Learning/Interest Areas

        • Blocks

        • Manipulatives and Puzzles

        • Arts & Crafts

        • Library

        • Science/Sensory Play

        • House Keeping (Imaginary Play)​​

    • Outdoor Play

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