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Preschool (2-5yrs)

Our Older Toddlers begin their transition into Preschool Education. Their learning experiences may be individualized and/or shared during group activities based on their need.


Students are introduced to cognitive, emotional/social, and linguistic skills through the Creative Curriculum:

  • Cognitive Skills

    • Sequencing

    • Matching

    • Math

    • Science

  • Emotional and Social Skills

    • Develop self-confidence

    • Assess similarities and differences

    • Take part in dramatic play

  • Language Development

    • Story telling

    • Develop Writing Skills

    • Musical Play

  • Outside Play

    • All three skills listed above play apart of Outside Play. 

    • Allows for fresh air, movement, and socialization.

Kindergarten readiness is imperative! Using the Creative Curriculum, students at Skyers CDC participate in:

  • Cooperative Play

  • Problem Solving

  • Independent Discovery

  • Self-Help Skills

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