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Infants (0-12mnths)

In the Infants class, your child will begin their experience of life-long love and learning.

Developing at his or her own pace, this safe and nurturing environment is a space that encourages:

  • Trust

    • Constant communication between family and staff.

    • Monitoring of the classroom is available for all enrolled students. Click here for more information.

  • Bonding

    • Cuddling establishes a sense of security and bonding between teachers and your little one.

    • Imagery of familiar faces posted on wall is a comfort in new environment

  • Language Development

    • Talking with your little one stimulates conversation, even if it is just babble at the moment. As well as...

    • ...Singing songs and...

    • Story Time

  • Fine Motor Skills

    • Indoor and Outdoor Play allows for time of movement and exploration

      • Tummy Time builds strength and inspires mobility.

      • Skyers CDC offers a wide range of materials from manipulatives to sensory toys

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