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About Skyers CDC

Janette Skyers opened the toddler daycare and development center in 2001. When she started having children, she made a life changing decision that landed her as the owner of Skyers Child Development Center
in Charlotte, NC. She wanted to spend as much time with her children as she could, so she started her own daycare home, and then opened the development center. 


Since opening the center, Janette, her mother, and
staff have grown with the children throughout the years. Children have been coming in her door from as young as 3 months and have left as old as 12.

At Skyers Child Development Center, children learn
in various fun ways through games, dance, art, and so many more activities. We offer child care for infants and children up to age 12. Whether you need us to watch your child during the day, while you’re at work or you need us to take care of him or her after school, you can trust the friendly and professional staff at our day care facility. We prepare your children for academic, social, and emotional success for the years to come. To learn more about our programs,
click here.


“We are an experienced group of teachers and child care providers that you can fully trust. We work hard to make every learning experience something they will remember, and a positive one.“                                                                                                          - Janette Skyers

Caring for your children as if they were our own.


"Where the little things



  • Family owned and operated

  • 4-star rated license

  • high-quality services for nearly 20 years

  • Creative Curriculum

  • Provide nutritious meals and snacks

  • Teaching lessons & sharing love that lasts
    a lifetime!


mean a lot! "

Become Apart of Our Extended Family


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