0 to 12mnths

Our Infant Program provides plenty opportunity to explore and discover. Strong bonds between infants and teachers are built as the teachers sing, cuddle, and talk to your babies.

In the Infants class, your child will begin their experience of life-long love and learning.

Developing at his or her own pace, this safe and nurturing environment is a space that encourages:

  • Trust
    • Constant communication between family and staff.
    • Monitoring of classroom is available for enrolled students.
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  • Bonding
    • Cuddling establishes a sense of security and bonding between teachers and your little one.
    • Imagery of familiar faces posted on wall for comfort in new environment
  • Language Development
    • Talking
    • Singing songs
    • Story Time
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Indoor and Outdoor Play
      • Movement and exploration